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Election 2015 - manifestos from across the sector

We are only weeks away from what is likely to be one of the closest run elections in living memory.

Since 2010 the LibDems are perceived by some to have lost their 'difference' during their time in coalition, the Labour Party have suffered a moral defeat in Scotland and the Greens appear to have been overshadowed by the publicity hungry UKIP.  Nationalism and the hunger for independence and more devolution showed itself to be a major force north of the border and cries for greater power for states and cities are growing.

So as the race to the polls gathers speed we have decided to launch 'Election Central', a place where we will gather manifestos from across the voluntary and community sector and highlight interesting blog items or articles. We will group them into four sections, to mirror our own priorities that are themselves major themes for social action - health, education, employment and poverty.

Every Wednesday we will publish a new poll, from across the spectrum, to give a flavour of trends and we will also highlight any campaigns that are running to promote voter registration or to increase voting in a particular community of interest.

Finally, if you have a manifesto or an article you would like us to publish then please send it to tom@lvsc.org.uk and if you have any suggestions as to how to make this site more useful then please let us know!