Health in London

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From the state of our landmark Foundation Hospitals like Kings College Hospital to the length of time a carer is allowed to spend with each of their clients, the state of the NHS and public health provision affects all of our lives, and debate around these issues promise to feature widely in manifestos and debates. Some of the key issues we face in London include:

  • More than 3.8 million Londoners are obese or overweight. London has the highest rate of childhood obesity of any major global city.(source: London Health Commission Report)
  • On the whole, the boroughs in London where there is higher income deprivation have poorer health. Between some wards in the capital, life expectancy can vary by up to 17 years.( source: London Councils)
  • People are living longer with more complex diseases that require co-ordinated health and social care.The distinction between health care and social care is being eroded by these changing needs and new ways of meeting them. (source: The Kings Fund)

What are the election #health priorities for London's Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector? Here are some of the answers

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