HEAR is the London network of equalities organisations and acts as a strong pan-equalities voice and source of knowledge and expertise on issues impacting on London's voluntary and community sector

LVSC has had a seat on HEAR since 2006 and is an essential forum through which we can show solidarity with and support for London's equalities sectors.

As a generic organisation LVSC benefits from participation in HEAR for:

  • sharing best practice on equalities
  • understanding the challenges that equalities groups face
  • developing and improving generic services that are accessible to and appropriate for equalities groups
  • celebrating equality and diversity.

HEAR is now hosted by Refugees in Effective and Active Partnerships - to find out more about HEAR and how you can both benefit and contribute please contact the HEAR Network Coordinator, Christine Goodall at hear@reap.org.uk or phone her on 07466 119268.


HEAR is working on a two year, LVSC-led, London Councils' funded project called 'London for All'.

The project is delivered in partnership with Race on the Agenda, Women's Resource Centre and Lasa and aims to provide London's voluntary and community sector organisations with better support services, link up local and regional support and ensure that services are accessible to all.

Find out more about HEAR by reading the following document.

What is HEAR?

HEAR is a member of English Regions Equality Network (EREN).

EREN seeks to facilitate the engagement of regional equality networks in a regular dialogue with Government and the voluntary and community sector in order to influence and shape policy; collect, examine and share good practice; exchange information and intelligence; and help with delivery across the country.

HEAR is funded by London Councils.

London Councils is committed to fighting for more resources for London and getting the best possible deal for London's 33 councils. to read abotu London councils' grants funding and the work of some of the groups we support please visit the London Councils' website.