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Dear Colleague,

2017 is gathering pace as we head into March and this is the last month of funding we have from London Councils for our London for All programme. It has been an action packed four years, with thousand of organisations benefitting from the programme of training and events we have provided along with our partners Race on the Agenda, the Women's Resource Centre, LASA and the HEAR Network.

Our conference tomorrow looks back on our achievements and looks forward to what more needs to be done. There are a few spaces left so I do hope you can join us. Whilst we have been grateful to London Councils for their support of capacity building over the years, it still seems short-sighted to withdraw this funding at a time when the pressures on our sector, and the demand for our services, is probably at an all time high.

I was asked to give evidence to the second London Finance Commission in October last year and they have now published their report 'Devolution: a Capital Idea'. The report builds on the Commission's previous recommendations and sets out the tax and spending powers London now needs to take control of its future. It shows the benefits of fiscal devolution to London and to Londoners; of being able to hold local politicians to account, getting better quality decision-making and having a fairer tax system that supports economic growth. It will be interesting to se if any of this comes to pass during the Mayor's first term.

And finally two sets of publications this week are of interest to anyone working in or with our sector.

From the Office for Civil Society comes a series of documents on social action - what it is, how to enable and commission it and why it matters? And from NCVO their annual look at the road ahead for charities and what 2017 will mean for us.

Both are worth a read, and one very much depends on the other…

Have a good month
Lisa Redding, Chief Executive

Update from The Way Ahead Working Groups

The working groups - on co-production, triage and connect, voice and campaigning, better commissioning and data - are now in full swing and plan to report at the end of March. Two of the groups are looking for your input:


Jake at Hackney CVS would like you to share your ideas and experiences of co-production via this survey. Knowing how things didn't work is as important as knowing how things worked well so please share your thoughts.

Voice and campaigning

Alison from Sutton CVS would be particularly grateful if you could have a look at the following questions and provide her with any examples, ideas or experiences that you may have.

1. What are the things that helped you do a good campaign and what are the things that have stopped you?
2. Can you provide examples of good/successful campaigns, and can you share what you think made the campaigns good/successful - this can include local and sub regional campaigns?
3. Can you describe the structures for 'voice' in your area with a particular focus on how communities of identity or deprived communities voices are heard?


Annual Review​​ Photo from the Way Ahead event 30th November Support for Employment and Skills VCOs
View LVSC's Annual Review 2015 - 16 Impact Report on our website.
Making it happen - co-producing the Way Ahead 30th November . Read the story.
VCS Assist Project - support for VCSE groups in employment and skills.

LVSC Project Updates

VCS Assist - Employment and Skills News

European Social Fund - resources, funding and awards

2Work programme launched

The Greater London Authority released the first of its Team London funding opportunities (which form part of the GLA ESF 2014-2020 Co-Financing Programme). The 2Work project will give unemployed 18-24 year olds access a wide variety of volunteering opportunities and experiences from the world of work, with a view to raising their aspirations and levels of work experience, and helping them gain the skills to move into, and sustain employment, education and/or training.

The project has a grant value of £0.8m, and will deliver between May 2017 and October 2019, with final results reported and claims completed by March 2020. The submission deadline for project applications is 5pm, 3 March 2017. For specific details of the project objectives and requirements, and for further information about the GLA's ESF programme requirements and the application process, please see the Specification's and Prospectuses .

London Councils ESF Borough Employment Programme

London Councils is inviting applications from organisations or partnerships of providers to apply for European Social Fund (ESF) Programme funding for delivery in the London Borough of Hounslow. The deadline for applications is the 22nd March 2017.

Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion DG of the European Commission (EASI)

Fast track integration into the labour market for third country nationals targeting exclusively asylum seekers, refugees and their family members. The total budget for this call for proposals is €14.2 million. The Commission expects between five and seven projects to be funded. The grant will cover 80% of the total eligible costs of the action. Deadline 30th March.

Policy, News and Overviews

Building our Industrial Strategy - consultation

The Government has published a green paper setting out its vision for a modern industrial strategy.

  • Government is investing an additional £90m in careers advice over this parliament, and will devise a comprehensive careers advice strategy later this year.
  • The Skills Plan will implement a 'transition year' for 16 year-olds with serious basic skills gaps who are not in work or training to develop a career plan.
  • Government will expand on lifelong learning by trialing 'contact moments' as a way to promote retraining of older workers.
  • The government will work with local areas to trial new ways of closing the skills gap.
  • Please respond with your views by 17th April

Devolution - a capital idea

The London Finance Commission published its report, Devolution: a capital idea on 27 January 2017. The report builds on the Commission's previous recommendations and sets out the tax and spending powers London now needs to take control of its future. It sets out the benefits of fiscal devolution to London and to Londoners; holding local politicians to account, better quality decision-making and a fairer tax system that supports economic growth.

White Paper: United Kingdom's exit from and new partnership with the European Union

The white paper was published on 2nd February.

Health News

Mapping Social Prescribing in London

LVSC is in the process of updating its London Social Prescribing map . We will be adding a number of prescribers that have come to light including several TCV run green gyms as well as projects in Westminster, Islington, Merton, Greenwich, Barnet and Kingston. We will also produce a short learning document from social prescribing in London, which will include links to useful research and information. For more information, contact Sandra van der Feen, (Tues & Weds and alternate Tues only)

Steps towards implementing self-care - a focus on social prescribing

Healthy London Partnership has produced a report, which aims to help London commissioners to take the first steps towards implementing social prescribing for their populations.

Good practice in social prescribing for mental health: the role of nature-based interventions

This report builds on the findings from earlier Natural England reports and explores the options for improving the commissioning of, and referral to, these services as well as scaling-up the provision of nature-based interventions.

Safer Future Communities

LVSC/MOPAC State of the CJS Sector survey

For those who have not completed the survey, there is still time to have your say on the state of the criminal justice sector, and how the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Sector can influence key policies and strategies such as the Police and Crime Plan and commissioning priorities.

Your views are important to us, and the sector must continue to increase its voice in the big issues affecting Londoners. You views will feed directly into how LVSC, through the Safer Future Communities, with the full support of the Mayor's Office for Police and Crime (MOPAC), can better support your organisation's work in achieving sustainable outcomes for your beneficiaries. And, as if a further incentive is needed, every organisation completing the survey will be entered into a prize draw of Marks & Spencer's vouchers. Please give us your feedback.

Draft Police and Crime Plan

LVSC and Clinks will be doing a joint response to the draft Police and Crime Plan. Over the last month, LVSC, through the Safer Future Communities network meetings and engagement with other VCS networks in London, have collated a diverse range of views that will feed into the response to MOPAC. It is not too late to let us know what your views are on the Plan, in addition to your own organisational response. If you have not been part of the discussions, please email me with your views as soon as possible -
Deadline for response to the Plan is 2nd March

14th March: LVSC/Clinks High Down Prison Event

High Down prison is keen to work with Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations working with offenders, and see this event as an opportunity to share their Reform Plans with VCS and explore solutions to help improve rehabilitation outcomes. If you work with offenders and would like to attend, please email Please kindly copy me ( into your confirmation email. Also if you have any other questions about the event, please let me know.

Project Future Visit in Tottenham, N.17

I visited the Mac-UK Project Future Impact Open day. This is youth-Led and Partnership project that works with a community of young men, aged 16 to 25, who are often labelled as "socially excluded", "offenders" and "gang members". This is a very good example of co-production driven by young people, achieving positive outcomes for themselves.

Youth Justice Board Priorities for London

The MOPAC YJB Reducing Reoffending Board have asked LVSC SFC to contribute to their work priorities as against the overarching London and National agenda with focus on London. This is in light of the Charlie Taylor Review recommendations. If you work with young ex-offenders, I would like to hear from you. Send your ideas for action to me at

London For All

After nearly four years, having worked with over 2,000 organisations, held over 600 events, attended by over 5,000 people and impacting on the lives of many thousands more Londoners, the London for All programme will be ending.

The five partners - Women's Resource Centre, LASA, the HEAR network, Race on the Agenda and LVSC - have identified the following four areas as priorities for future working:

  1. Organisational support,
  2. Research,
  3. Learning,
  4. Communication and influence

We have out-performed our most ambitious delivery targets - but statistics do not tell the whole story - people and their lives do that.

Follow this link for more about the project outcomes.

The Networked City

Networked City is an exploration into how to address London's social challenges and create new opportunities for citizens by:

  1. Applying network thinking,
  2. Using digital technology,
  3. and experimenting with self-organising action.

LVSC is supporting this exploration prompted in part by The Way Ahead initiative, and inspired by Matthew Ryder QC's vision to "lead the promotion of active citizenship across London and makes sure City Hall uses the best methods for measuring levels of social integration".

We believe that the key ideas leading to community-led change; greater collaboration, and the creation of a London hub need new approaches. There's more background on the Networked City wiki. If you want to be part of the ever growing Networked City group, join our large team collaborating online via SLACK. You will need to email, if you would like an invite.

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LVSC Events & Training

A Space to Think - London for All Conference

Date: 1st March, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Venue: Ort House Conference Centre, 126 Albert Street London, NW1 7NE
LVSC, Women's Resource Centre, Lasa, the HEAR equalities Network and Race on the Agenda invite you to join us for our London for All annual conference. Using a mixture of case studies and discussion the event aims to:

  • Highlight examples of good practice and learning from the London for All programme
  • Identify key challenges for Londoners and the organisations that support them over the coming years
  • Identify how we can use what we have learned to build effective support for Londoners and VCS organisations

This event will give participants a space to reflect on what we have learned over the past 4 years of the London for All programme: to consider what type of support has been most effective in enabling participants/organisations deal with the complex challenges that face them and how can we continue to offer appropriate support over the coming years. We will also discuss the future priorities and challenges for Londoners and the organisations (VCS, Statutory and private) that support them and identify how we can use past learning and experience to ensure a more equal, healthy and flourishing London.

Engaging and Working with Business

Date: 8th March, 9.30am - 1pm
Venue: Roots and Shoots, Walnut Tree Walk, Kennington, London, SE11 6DN

Why work with businesses? This interactive workshop will support you to critically assess your motivation for working with businesses and to give you an understanding of what you can realistically expect of any relationship with the private sector. Topics include:

  • Skills, resources and time
  • How to engage businesses
  • Doing the deal
  • Developing the relationship
  • Q&A time at the end for attendees to ask any questions not covered during the above

Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss their own organisation's situation and get feedback/input from other attendees as well as the trainer, Dominic Pinkney.

Managing Poor Performance Through Capability

Date: 10th March, 10am - 1pm
Venue: 200a Pentonville Road Kings Cross London, N1 9JP

This session is part of our programme of HR training for London for All and will focus on managing employees who are underperforming due to lack of capability. This workshop will help you:

  • Understand the meaning of capability and when it may apply
  • Deal with poor performance through capability and give you some options

Shirley Briggs will run this workshop.

A Call for Action for Community Development Across London

Date: 17th March 2017 9:30am - 4:30pm
Venue: 200a Pentonville Road Kings Cross London, N1 9JP

LVSC and CDNL aka the Community Development Network London are hosting a call for Action which aims to raise the profile of community development across London. In recent years community development has seen a withdrawl of funding and support alongside cuts to the wider VCS and public sector, yet a t a time of austerity and widening social divisions it has never been more needed. The event will seek out new conversations and understandings, reflect and take action in a changing world, seek to build an independent, critical and influential movement and provide networking space.

Handling Workplace Investigations When should an employer Investigate?

Date: 22nd March 10am - 1pm
Venue: 200a Pentonville Road Kings Cross London, N1 9JP

There are many occasions when an employer may wish to undertake an internal investigation. This workshop will help you understand the legal requirements of conducting an investigation; how to structure an investigation plan; preparing for the interview; and look at what difficulties may arise.

LVSC Management and Personal Development Courses

Happy People - the personal development division of Happy, delivers LVSC's management and personal development courses.
Cost: starts from £95 for charities with 15 staff or under. For larger charities, please visit the website for the correct rate.
Venue: 3rd Floor, 9 Alie Street, London, E1 8DE

Assertiveness for Women - 10th March

This course will help to analyse current behaviour patterns and situations where people are experiencing difficulty. They will learn and practice skills and techniques of assertive communication.

Effective Minute Taking - 20th March

This course will examine the preparations needed before a meeting; clarify the purpose of minutes; explore the role during meetings; and planning after the meeting. It will look at ways to save time when note taking and how to reduce the stress which people experience when taking minutes

Developing Your Skills as a First-Time Manager - 23rd March

Developing your skills as a first time manager is a great investment to ensure your success not just in your current role but also as your career progresses. This one-day course is a great follow up to the 'Introduction to Managing for the First Time' day. However, it is also suitable for those that have not attended the earlier course but would like to develop their credibility and skills in the area of listening, coaching and feedback.

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UKIED logo Keegan and Pennykid logo London For All
LVSC holds a UK Investor in Equality and Diversity Charter Mark (UKIED)
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London For All - 4 years, 600 events, 5,000 people attended from over 2,000 groups.

Notices and Events

Charity Walk for Peace

Every year the Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association organises a Charity Walk for Peace, and the funds raised are used to support local and national charities, such as the British Heart Foundation and GOSH. This year the walk will be taking place on Sunday 14th May 2017 in Newham.

The organisers are particularly interested in increasing participation from smaller local charities in and around Newham - any sponsorship money raised by charities exclusively belongs to the participating charity. In addition they have a match funding scheme in place whereby they will match funds raised to a maximum of £2,000, provided that their criterion for participation levels are met.

Free Leadership and Management Training

The Learning and Skills Council is offering Levels 2,3 and 5 accredited courses in Leadership and Management to cohorts of workers through the government apprenticeship programme. The courses are CMI accredited. People doing the level five will be able to use the post-nominal CMI on completion. The training consists of 8 days.

There is no cost to your organisation or your learners. This means that you will be able to offer training at zero cost to you and your staff. You will need to provide a training space and photocopying for sessions. If you are interested or want further details please contact Michael Hamilton on 07944 251007.

Making Evey Contact Count - the MECC approach

MECC interactions take a matter of minutes and are not intended to add to the busy workloads of health, care and the wider workforce staff. Instead they are there to fit into and complement existing professional clinical, care and social engagement approaches. There is evidence to suggest a broad adoption of the MECC approach by people and organisations across health and care could have a significant impact across local services, MECC Camden and Islington has just been launched. For further details of its implementation and what local training is on offer, visit either or

ADVANCe is Recruiting

Advance delivers a range of services seeking to counteract Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in the three-borough area (Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and Hammersmith and Fulham). This includes sexual violence, FGM, forced marriage, honour based violence and work with younger women. We are currently looking for:

  • Female* Substance Misuse IDVA
  • Female* Evaluation & Engagement officer (full - time)
  • Female* Floating Support Worker

Full details available on the website.

Community Links Bromley recruiting to Community Investment Manager Post

Salary: £33,059-£35,111 plus 5% pension contribution
Initially for two years. 35 hours per week

You will lead the development and delivery of services that meet the needs of local organisations, including capacity building, funding advice, training/learning activities and partnership/networking opportunities. You will also lead on community development activity.

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