London Social Prescribing map

Latest London Social Prescribing map

May 2016

Mapping social prescribing in London

Our map has been updated!

Link to the London Social Prescribing map update

As part of our Regional Voices' strategic partnership work, LVSC is mapping social prescribing activities in London. We will continue to update the map every quarter over the coming year.

The map includes links to social prescribing activities in London. Each link takes you to a uniquely created page with information about and contact details of each social prescriber.

We are also working with Healthy London Partnership (HLP) to take this work forward across London. We will look at best practice and different models of social prescribing activities in London.

The map will be widely shared with the VCSE (voluntary, community and social enterprise) sector in London. We will also share it at a strategic level with commissioners, NHS England (including HLP), London Health Board, Public Health England, local authorities, Social Prescribing Network and academic institutions that are reviewing and evaluating social prescribing activities.

If you are a social prescriber, you are cordially invited to complete our survey which will inform your unique page on the map. It will also provide useful information for our work with HLP.

Link to the survey

If you know of other and emerging social prescribing initiatives not listed on the map, please email me: If you want to find out more about this work, please feel free to contact me as well (Monday-Wednesday till May 20th. After May 20th I will be working Tuesdays and alternate Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Please forward the map to relevant contacts and other interested parties.