Working together for health equalities

Posted on 7 April 2015

Following a strong focus on inequalities in health emerging from the HEAR 'Intersections' project last year, and HEAR involvement in the October 2014 health equalities event, the HEAR Network held a very successful event 'Working Together for Health Equalities' on 25 March at the Human Rights Action Centre.

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Photos: Seabreeze, Cancerkin, Wonder Foundation, HAGA Action on Alcohol, Roma Support Group

More than 50 delegates heard presentations and case studies from 10 different London VCS organisations demonstrating how they tackle inequalities in health in a wide variety of innovative ways. They also heard an extremely informative keynote presentation from Lindsey Ahmet from Middlesex University and had the opportunity to attend workshops on improving communications in health delivery, learning from experience in forming consortia, partnerships, collaborative working and user involvement, and a very interesting storytelling session.


Lindsey Ahmet Communication in Midwifery Services

Why is silence cancers best friend- Cancerkin PPT

Learning English gateway to wellbeing Wonder Foundation PPT

SPLIT - working with disabled experts PPT

Film Seabreeze background and information

RSG Roma health and partnership with public sector PPT

The Conservation Volunteers Green Gym case study PPT

Solace Women's Aid IRIS project PPT

CQC working with voluntary groups PPT

PACE inequalities in LGBT mental health PPT

IARS Abused No More PPT

Doctors Of The World PPT

Workshop 1- Haringey Disability First PPT

Workshop 1 - HAVCO and TNL PPT

Workshop 2 - Queens Nursing Institute Improving Communications presentation PPT

Workshop 2 - Steppingstone 4 Health Equality Project Information Sheet

Workshop 2 - Hament Patel Improving Communications Presentation