Impact measurement

LVSC is developing support to help voluntary and community sector organisations to measure their social impact.

Social Impact Event

LVSC worked with the Social Impact Analysts Association to host a free evening networking event on May 16th 2012. The event aimed to help voluntary and community sector organisations to learn more about measuring their social impacts.

With the Social Value Act coming into law in the UK and with an increasing buzz around social investment and social impact, demonstrating value is now a key issue for social purpose organisations.  While some organisations in the UK have successfully embedded a social impact-led approach in their work, many organisations lack the means and the  knowledge to either assess their impact or put this evidence to use.

Notes from the event are now available to download.

Social Impact event notes 16.5.12


The Outward Bound Trust's presentation is available below:

Outward Bound Trust presentation


Also available is the Bromley by Bow Centre's impact report

Bromley by Bow Centre's impact report


Women's Resource Centre's Social Return on Investment report

Women's Resource Centre have developed a detailed report using social return on investment methods to show the economic value of a variety of women's organisations' work.

Bromley by Bow Centre impact measurement


The Bromley by Bow Centre has produced a webpage explaining the organisation's social impact.