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This page contains our climate change policy & news bulletins and briefings on: flooding, drought and heatwaves: the impact on London, Londoners and the voluntary & community organisations that serve them; national and London climate change policy & strategy; air quality in London and the science behind climate change.

Latest briefing


Our briefing on "Smart Metering: what is the impact on Londoners and the voluntary & community sector that support them" is now available


Smart metering briefing


August 2013

Community Environment Associates (CEA) produced a  fuel poverty, health & wellbeing summary briefing for LVSC as part of its current partnership training programme. The briefing has been adapted by LVSC and now also includes a number of useful references and links.

Fuel poverty, Health & Wellbeing briefing


Monthly policy e bulletins


Upto July 2014, LVSC produced a monthly e bulletin containing climate change related policy and news. It also consisted of information, resources, training, events and funding where relevant. We will continue periodically to produce a e bulletin containing tips and resources relating to carbon reduction activities, climate change and health.

If you would like to receive previous bulletins contact Sandra van der Feen: sandra@lvsc.org.uk (mon-Fri) or tel:  020 7832 5812 (Mon-Wed only)


Policy briefings


August 2012

LVSC and London Sustainability Exchange (LSx) produced a briefing describing the impacts of flooding, drought and heatwaves on London, Londoners and the voluntary & community sector that supports them. The briefing:

  • summarises some of the negative impacts of climate change in London, including effects of health on the most vulnerable communities;
  • explains what policy makers are doing to mitigate the impacts of climate change in London;
  • makes a number of recommendations for policy makers and the voluntary & community sector in London

Flooding, drought and heatwave briefing


July 2012

This briefing aims to clarify in lay terms the science behind climate change, the implications of climate change now and in the future.

The science behind climate change

The aim of this briefing is to summarise the main 4 mayoral candidates' positions and commitments regarding air pollution including the measures they think will i mprove air quality and mitigate the impact of air pollution in London. This briefing also outlines a number of recommendations on how the future Mayor could tack?le air pollution and improve air quality in the long-term, thereby improving the lives and quality of life of Londoners.

C andidates' positions and recommendations

January 2012

H ow is the capital is dealing with one of the worst air quality in Europe? Find out more in our 2nd climate change briefing below!

Air pollution & air quality briefing January 2012

November 2011?

This briefing below provides an analysis of climate change policy & strategy at a national & London wide level.

Climate Change Briefing November 2011



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