Upcoming events

Current and Upcoming LVSC events

LVSC arranges events to support the voluntary and community sector in London to:

  • contribute to and influence policy,
  • to learn from each other
  • and to share best practice.

View the latest training and events on CIVI our event management website.

Publicising Events

Events are published monthly in our policy news bulletins, follow this link  to subscribe to LVSC mailing list.  We also send out e-news alerts throughout the month as and when events go-live, so you are never out of touch. We also have an RSS feed displayed on our Home Page that you can subscribe to.

Charging - an overview

Free training

All events delivered through the London for All project are funded by London Councils and a free to participants.  Please note that there is a high demand for this training and courses 'sell - out' within a matter of hours. If you do find the course is full, please register on the waiting list. Not only will you have a chance of attending the event, but also the London for All project will often repeat the course on a new date, based on the number of people registered on the waiting list.

Paid for training

LVSC charges for course where we do not have funding to deliver free of charge. Our policy is to provide training at an affordable price within the budget of the majority of London's   voluntary and community groups.