Green Commitment

LVSC believes in the relationship between our climate, sustainability and environmental crisis issues, including human rights, social justice, inequality, poverty, health, carbon emissions, soaring energy costs and increasing levels of homelessness. Therefore we are committed to its responsibility to reduce our carbon and environmental footprints.

LVSC is committed to:

  • Reducing the impact of our carbon footprints in our own organisation and our activities through a programme of continuous assessment and improvement ;

  • Planning our work and use of resources with regards to the principles of sustainability;

  • Promoting our commitment, ethos and good practice amongst our members, partners, networks and service users via our website, other publicity, events and training;

  • Integrating the principles of sustainability across all aspects of our services and management structures.

LVSC also underwent an eco audit last year, which was carried out by 3 Acorns on behalf of City Bridge Trust

3 Acorns, LVSC's auditor produced an update report for LVSC in 2013

LVSC eco audit update report

Why not consider an eco audit for your organisation? City Bridge Trust (CBT) provides them FREE to the voluntary & community sector in London. Eco audits can lead to  big reductions in your carbon footprint and potentially huge savings to your organisation!

LVSC has produced some background information and links to the CBT short online application form and guidance fromt the CBT website

CBT eco audits

Eco advice sheet: top eco tips for your organisation from  3-Acorns. The document contains advice on water, electricity, electricity, and how you can measure energy use by using a carbon calculator and make savings. The document also includes an events checklist

Eco Advice sheet


LVSC's Environmental policy

LVSC Environment policy


Our Climate Change leaders for a low carbon london project has now finished but more information can be found here:

Climate Change leaders for a Low Carbon London project


LVSC will continue to produce information, resources and tips to help reduce the carbon footprint of London's VCS. if you want to subscribe please contact Sandra van der Feen: