Equalities Commitment

At LVSC we work hard to ensure all staff are dedicated to fair treatment of individuals (equality) and strongly value everyone's differences (diversity). This is not the domain of one member of staff, it is a core principle and value of the organisation. As such equality is embedded throughout the organisation.



Statement of Inclusion

Our Statement of Inclusion presents LVSC's position on and commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Statement of Inclusion (pdf) Statement of Inclusion (rft)


At LVSC, we always ensure venues are accessible, invite equalities groups' representatives and follow the event accessibility checklist. If you would like to provide us with feedback from any of our events, please contact  .

Event planning checklist (pdf) Event planning checklist (rft)


We are often asked what the purpose of monitoring is at events. Monitoring aims to improve services by targeting areas where there is under-representation.