LVSC Manifesto 2016

Supporting a flourishing VCSE Sector in London

The VCSE sector adds extraordinary value to Londoners, but this public good which enriches so many lives is only achieving a fraction of its potential


A flourishing VCSE sector enables positive contagion to ripple out to achieve the following outcomes: healthier, happier citizens; a stronger democracy; more resilient, better targeted services; and sizeable economic savings.


However the sector is at a crossroads, with funding being squeezed and independence threatened. The right measures undertaken by elected politicians and public policy makers will enable the VCSE sector to support Londoners to thrive in spite of the challenges of austerity.


6 asks - generic


6 Asks for the new London Mayor


The role of the Mayor

The  Mayor must grasp this opportunity. For London to lock in and leverage these economic, social and personal benefits the VCSE sector needs the new Mayor to:


  • Ensure that the VCSE sector is recognised and included in GLA policy and delivery



  • Collaborate on the implementation of equalities practice


  • Innovate GLA commissioning and procurement


  • Facilitate private sector donations to VCSE groups


  • Embed the benefits of digital technology


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