Just Job Evaluation

Just Job Evaluation - A practical application of the Local Government (NJC) Job Evaluation Scheme for the voluntary sector, produced by PEACe.

An easy to use tool for the voluntary sector that will help you set staff salaries.


This CD ROM includes a training module, practice exercises, comprehensive manual and example forms - everything needed for job evaluations across the variety of roles to be found in the voluntary and community sector. 

It helps organisations adopt a fair and systematic framework for setting staff salaries on a well recognised pay structure, the NJC Salary Scales. 

Just Job Evaluation: the PEACe approach, is available to the voluntary and community sector for only at £99 including VAT, postage and packaging.

CVS and second-tier (infrastructure or umbrella) organisations in London are entitled to receive a free copy.

35% discount for NAVCA members. 


Please return the saved, completed order form to us for your copy.


NJC Salary Scales

You can also download for free the current National Joint Council (NJC) salary scales that are used for many local government services' workers.  These NJC salary scales are also widely used in the voluntary and community sector.

We also have many useful template policies, model procedures and guidance documents produced in partnership with Russell-Cooke Solicitors covering the employment basics through to the complex HR issues encountered by the voluntary and community sector. 

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Last updated 24.4.12